Straight rods, cut rods, bent rods

As part of our operations we manufacture construction reinforcements and welded elements such as: beams, columns, piles, meshes, cages and one-way welded meshes.


We prepare reinforcements on the basis of construction drawings and we deal mainly with grade B550B, B500C and B500B, B500SP ribbed steel. Elements are prepared from the highest quality steel and have the necessary certificates and meet highest technical specifications.

Steel diameters

Reinforcement machines

Computer-controlled machines allow the production of all kinds of prefabricated elements in a wide range of steel diameters (from both coil steel and straight steel).


The machine park is based on the KRB and Pedax machinery and consists of two steel cutting lines, four manual and two automatic bending machines, a specialized bending machine used for the production of foundation elements for wind farms, two Schnell type automatic stirrup bending machines and a machine for producing threaded elements to use with Lenton couplers.

Transport of reinforcing steel

Our company not only produces highest quality reinforcements elements but also cooperates with many transport companies to provide reliable transport across Europe.

Available steel diameters:

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